About us

The ASO Co was started from one belief, that optimizing your current assets is as important as how you promote your business.
The ASO Co are proud to be part of Jellyfish, the world’s biggest boutique and digital training provider.

meet the team

James Bott

CEO & Co-founder
James has over a decade of digital and mobile marketing experience with his past 4 years being spent as Global Business Director at one of the leading mobile marketing agencies. James has worked closely with many global clients including Amazon, Alibaba, Open Table, Skyscanner, World Remit and Flipkart (India) on ASO, mobile strategy and marketing projects.

Thomas Twigg

COO & Co-founder
Thomas has a decade of experience in digital marketing, the past 5 years focused solely on mobile. As Head of Strategy for a leading mobile marketing agency he has lead global mobile strategies for the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, JUST EAT, MixRadio, Time Out, Zoopla, and John Lewis. In this role he covered everything from acquisition strategy, customer and market research and ASO.

Arthur Kolayan

Senior Sales & Partnerships Director
Arthur leads our Global Business Development efforts and can often be seen working the room at mobile events around the world. Arthur has an in-depth understanding of ASO and mobile marketing in general as prior to working at The ASO Co he built and launched his own messaging app, and also worked in SEO for a number of years.

Nil Sangarabalan

Operations Director
Nil internally manages the delivery of our key services to our clients and works closely with each department to iterate and improve our optimisation process as a whole. Prior to working at The ASO Co, she spent five years at a global mobile marketing agency where she implemented processes internally to improve efficiency amongst teams, provided weekly updates on business forecast and revenue to inform key business decisions and managed the opening of a new office in San Francisco.

Abby Brosgill

Senior Copywriter
Abby leads our copywriting team, ensuring our clients receive a seamless blend of optimized, on-brand content. Drawing on methodologies learned from years of PhD research, she is a master wordsmith and content strategist, developing new metadata processes to enhance app store performance.

Andras Patyi

Data & Analytics Director

Andras is the king of data and visualisation. He works very closely with our accounts and data team to ensure that we are making the right decisions with regards to App Store Optimisation. He also converts the billions of rows of data we crunch on a daily basis, putting them into a format that is easily digestible – no easy feat!

Natasha Denby

A linguist and content creator, Natasha creates top-performing metadata strategies for our biggest clients. Drawing from her experience as an editor at a global publishing company, she builds best practice guidelines for ASO copy and produces on-brand, compelling copy for English and German-speaking markets.

Jenny Crook

Senior Director, Product
Jenny is a mobile acquisition and growth specialist. She previously worked in the marketing launch team of a new lifestyle and events app which she grew from 0 to 50,000 users in the first six months. Before that, she worked for one of the largest mobile marketing agencies in the world, where she ran global performance campaigns for apps including Skyscanner, JUST EAT and John Lewis

Warwick Rommelrath

Data Scientist
Warwick has built up a wealth of experience in Data Analysis, working for over 4 years in the oil and advertising industries. Leading the data analysis of our ASO product, he is involved in all aspects; automation, delivery and performance. He uses data driven decisions to overcome challenges in ASO and translates the results into an easily digestible format for clients. Expect to see him delivering your amazing ASO results!

Oli Roche

Senior Account Manager
Oli sits in the Account Management team and has quickly become the lead on a number of global clients. Oli is an expert in ASO and works tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive great results and a world class service.

Miguel Carvalho

Data Engineer
Miguel is a data guru. Getting quick insights and analytics out of large datasets, speeding up processes and expanding possibilities through coding is what gets him up in the morning. He joined the Data Team to do just that, packing experience ranging from business to computer science in places like Google and Imperial College London. In his spare time, you can find him playing pop bangers and power ballads on his piano.

Kyuta Klinger

Sales & Partnerships Director

Having started his career as a corporate marketeer and then as an Account Manager for a number of Branding and Design agencies, Kyuta has transitioned into the world of Mobile Marketing. He looks to leverage his integrated marketing experience to help clients optimise their mobile user acquisition channels and as well as their global reach.

Sophie Dyer

Sophie comes from an editorial and marketing background. She has worked with clients including Starbucks, Twitter and Swarovski and led an entire diversity content campaign to encourage equal opportunities and representation in the workplace. Dedicated to ensuring that clients are happy with their copy, Sophie draws on her market knowledge to help create quality metadata.

Joshua Wallace

Account Manager
Josh sits in the client service team as an account executive. Having previously worked in marketing for a leading transport network company. His experience in partnership marketing has allowed him to provide clients with a great service.

Devrishi Sagar

Data Analyst
Since finishing his degree in Geology, Dev’s passion for technology and analytics has led him into the role of Data Analyst, where he is dedicated to help solve and overcome data challenges within ASO.

Kane Kim

Account Manager
Having just completed his degree in Philosophy, Kane’s previous experience in the PR industry and his knowledge of the Korean market has led him to thrive as an Account Executive. His ambitious attitude and knack for strategic thinking continues to support The ASO Co’s clients.

Georgina Bragg

With a background in branding design, Georginas agency experience pathed the way for her transition into the digital mobile space. She combines her industry experience, along with her customer service knowledge, to create result driven creative in the world of ASO.

Tamara Mulgirigama

Senior Account Manager
Tamara has several years of agency experience, leading fully integrated global campaigns for a number of clients, including app awareness and strategy. She is also a keen linguist and uses her skills in French, Spanish and Chinese to service the wide variety of clients at The ASO Co.

Ereen Nasir

Media Planner
Ereen is an experienced digital marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry. Skilled in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics, Ereen now implements her knowledge into mobile marketing platforms.

Laura Willment

Data Analyst
With a degree in Mathematics under her belt, Laura uses her solid grounding in statistics to provide rigorous analysis and gain fundamental insights for some of our top clients. Laura has experience working in analytics for a marketplace app with over 10 million users. As part of the data team, she is able to apply her knowledge of the mobile industry to the agency side of things.

Julius Nkemdiche

Sales & Partnerships Manager
Julius joins the The ASO Co as a Business Development Executive. He holds a degree in Computer Games Technology and has extensive experience working for a well known e-commerce website and British retail brand. With this expansive background in technology and sales, Julius helps to inform potential clients of how The ASO Co can provide support with their app store optimization, apple search ads and wider mobile strategy.

Pavlo Rychko

Data Analyst
Blending a passion and curiosity for technology with a background in science, Pavlo has chosen to venture out into the world of data and analytics. Focused primarily on ASA, he’s using data to provide tangible insights and optimise campaigns.

Clémence Vidal

With over 8 years of experience as a linguist and writer for world-famous brands ranging from the aerospace to the fashion sector, Clémence knows how to adapt to all writing styles. With international insights and knowledge of her clients’ industry, she strives to hit the delicate balance between strong, data-led optimization and engaging copy.

Charlotte Collins

Lead Designer
Charlotte graduated from the University of Leeds with a First-Class Honours in ‘Graphic and Communication Design’. Since graduating, she has worked on the prestigious L’Oreal account at Maxus, planning and buying media across print, digital, OOH and radio. Charlotte is now our lead designer, working closely with clients to maximise creative and make them stand out from the crowd.

Hannah White

Hannah sits in our creative team and is leading the way when it comes to App Store design. She has produced and executed thousands of A/B tests globally and develops appealing content for increased conversion within the App Stores. Hannah’s designs are viewed by millions of people on a daily basis.

Daniel Giannetta

Sales & Partnerships Executive
University graduate with a First-Class honours degree in ‘Marketing with Advertising Management’ and a professional background within the Marketing industry. Over the years Daniel has developed a particular interest in mobile marketing and is putting his knowledge into practice joining The ASO Co as a Business Development Executive. Daniel is dedicated to informing potential clients of how The ASO Co can help with their mobile strategy and app store optimization

Lydia Domenech

Account Manager
Lydia has worked in the mobile user acquisition industry for several years, managing worldwide campaigns for hundreds of diverse direct clients and agencies. Her expertise in paid media allows her to help clients with their mobile growth and ASO strategies. She is also fluent in Spanish, Catalan and English, allowing a majority of clients to communicate in their native language.

Louis Magowan

Data Analyst
Louis has a background in social research, having produced academic studies on areas such as the Northern Irish education sector and the relationship between political party affiliation and perceptions of income inequality. This experience allows him to take a holistic approach to data analysis, one that is grounded and socially-minded. He is keen to bring this insight to his role at Jellyfish, his first job since graduating from LSE.

Nephele Yeager

Media Executive
After graduating with a First-Class Honour degree in Business Management with a placement year in a large technology firm, Nephele set her sights on the Marketing Industry. With a solid few years of experience in advertising and media planning, she has joined the ASO team to work on optimizing clients’ Apple Search Ads campaigns.

Charlie Cooke

Media Director
Spent the last 7 years running the marketing for high growth app focused start-ups through various phases of funding. Charlie’s skills span the app marketing spectrum from user acquisition, engagement and retention to partnership strategies for customer growth. He also launched the consumer app for a previous business in the US.

Jackson Darley

Graphic Designer
Jackson is the creative team’s most recent addition coming from a background in web design, he has made the switch into the digital mobile space. He will use his previous agency experience to cast a fresh eye on ASO design.

Gina Stables

Gina comes from a digital marketing background and brings the perfect balance of fresh ideas and innovative concepts to the creative team. She holds a degree (BA Hons) in Graphic Design Communication from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London and creates, tests and develops designs for some of our biggest clients.

Tze Sam

Client Services Director
Tze leads the client services team and ensures seamless alignment across departments to deliver optimal results for our clients. She has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing, specialising initially in mobile performance at a leading mobile agency, then developing broader digital strategy and planning capabilities across a diverse range of channels and sectors.